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CAST: Kelsie Chambers,Lin Silk


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

What a fun, detailed bondage story!
An art smuggler has left a stolen statue with his innocent girlfriend (Lin Silk), but the virtuous gal doesn't want to be an accessory to the theft, so she calls the authorities to recover the pilfered property. Detective Kelsie Chambers comes to investigate the incident and Lin explains that her boyfriend has made arrangements to sell the South Pacific idol, a notorious entity renowned for mischief.
The villainous boyfriend eventually returns to reclaim the statue for his buyer and manages to overpower Lin and Kelsie. Unfortunately for him, though, the impish deity has actually come to life. It begins to wreak havoc, not only for the evil smuggler, but for Lin and Kelsie as well!
Every escape attempt only seems to get the two damsels into more and more frustrating bondage.
Of course, once the dopey smuggler thinks he finally has his hands on the idol, Ewanatiia gets his ultimate revenge...but will the nasty little god ever allow Kelsie and Lin to get free?
Directed by Jon Woods.