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CAST: Anna Amore,Bambi Newberry,Randi Storm

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

What qualities make a good bondage slave? This program displays the instincts of natural submissives and the process of shaping their behavior to make them ideal slaves. Randi has recently been exploring her limits in the L.A. fetish Scene. It's no surprise that she is now slave-training under Jay Edwards. This session records the developing rapport between Master and slave as Randi shows attentive devotion and responsiveness to Jay's commands. During Randi's chair bondage she is clearly into the thigh-whipping. Later, she stands in high heels, her pink clit displayed by open crotch-roping. Jay corrects Randi's posture as he punishes her tightly bound breasts -- first with a stinger-whip, then a harder, heavier whip which tests her ability to obey. When the whip next addresses Randi's ass, she strives to maintain a precarious balance on her stilettos. Jay rarely gives praise, but this dedicated slave is commended four times during the session. Lovely Bambi is out of the gate with a rough one--her first scene is a post suspension. DO NOT try this at home. This is a bondage-master's triumph with an unusual and unique slave. Winning gag sequences follow: Bambi's panties are cut off, jammed into her mouth, packed down with extra cloth, and taped in. Later, Bambi's mouth is stuffed with two kerchiefs, med-wrap encircles her head, and PVC tape seals her predicament. Absolutely exquisite, totally helpless gaggings. Exotic Anna debuts as the new slave-in-training. She's required to walk in completely tied up, with her head held high. She responds sensually to breast fondling and whipping, but Jay intensifies the discipline level until Anna begins to squirm and whimper. She even gets whipped straight up between her ass-cheeks! But Anna puts effort, focus, and concentration into her performance, and you'll find yourself mentally encouraging Anna's efforts to succeed in her training.