Extreme Mat Fights 1

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CAST: Adam West, Anthony, Cassandra Knight, Jake, Racquel, Renee, Sergei, Shaena


RELEASE DATE: 3/1/2020

Extreme Mat Fights is the ultimate battle of the sexes! At a private wrestling gym in Hollywood, four hot babes give four hot studs a run for their money as they battle for dominance. In match one, Racquel is undaunted by bobybuilder Jake's awesome strength. She's out to win, and this battling babe knows where the real power is. She grabs Jake's balls and takes control, rubbing her pussy in his face. But Jake's not going to give up and soon he turns the tables and pinches her nipples until she's ready to submit. But it's a definite win-win situation when ravenous Racquel can't seem to get enough of Jake's big dick in her mouth and pussy! In match two, private trainer Sergei has a litte more in mind for his workout session with the ample-chested Renee. Sergei can't keep his hands off her tits, and soon their workout gets worked up as Renee wrestles to keep her top on. But they get so turned on by each other's hot bodies, that wrestling soon gives way to a hot session of 69, and a good long hot fuck. In match three tough-gal Cassandra is out to show hard-body Anthony that she's in charge here. Cassandra grabs his huge dick from the beginning and won't let go as she gets him into one submission hold after another. This is one time a big dick might be a liability! But just when she thinks he's broken, he rallies back and takes control of the rest of the match until she's begging to have that fuck tool deep inside her. In match four, Adam is one of those cocky gym rats who thinks he can have anything he wants. And as he watches Shaena changing in the lockerroom, he decides he wants her ass. But she's not giving it up without a fight. This feisty brunette teaches Adam a thing or two about manners, putting him a headlock just inches from her pussy. But that just gives Adam an opportunity to play with her hot button, and soon Shaena is screaming in orgasm after orgasm. Extreme Mat Fights is two solid hours of guys and girls fighting for what they really want. And giving you what you really want - hot erotic wrestling action and four hot fucks!

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