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CAST: Alexis Taylor,Amber Michaels,Amber Star,Angelique Lei,Brook Taylor,Calli Cox,Carolyn Monroe,Jenni Lee,Jenni Lee,Josie Perez,Sass Lyn


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"Fearbound 2: Still Afraid" 85 minutes starring Calli Cox, Jenni Lee, Angelique Lei, Sass Lyn, Amber Michaels, Carolyn Monroe, Josie Perez, Amber Star, Alexis Taylor, Brook Taylor This exciting follow-up to "Fearbound (or what to do when you're afraid to be tied up!)" (OK-33), continues to chronicle those beautiful damsels afflicted with Merinthophobia, the clinical term for claustrophobia while being tied up! The idea so fascinated me that I was compelled to create this project . . . the main story insinuates incredible newcomer Jenni Lee at the rope-happy hands of a couple of bondage-loving psychologists (Alexis Taylor and Ikaras) . . . then "Secretaries at the Cooler" examines a couple of ambitious secretaries (Calli Cox, Amber Michaels) bound to move up at their company . . . followed by Sass Lyn's return (the star of OK-33) as she and Amber Star are grabbed and hogtied on-screen! . . . Angelique Lei in a tight chair tie as she tries to scoot to the window (my favorite Angelique tie -- ever!) . . . Brook Taylor and Josie Perez tied together at the knees. . . and sensational Carolyn Monroe mummy-wrapped for the very first time! Gags galore and bountiful bonds secure these lovely damsels! Directed by Oak O'Kork