Fetish Mores and More!

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CAST: Amber Michaels,Angelique Lei,Brook Taylor,Courtney Chambers,Jewell Marceau,Josie Perez,Misty Grayson,Molly Matthews (aka Emily Marilyn),Nicolette Foster


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"FETISH MORES (& MORE!)" This Featured Fetish collection (the first on DVD!) features never-before-seen scenes including Nicolette Foster strapped in leather while wearing latex; Amber Michaels in black fetish wear and chained to an X-frame and handcuffed to ceiling chains; Molly Matthews and Courtney Chambers outfitted in fetish outfits and bed bound (crotch-to-crotch). More unique, nontraditional fetish sequences include: Josie Perez tied up by Brook Taylor both wearing lingerie; Jewell Marceau stringently tied to a sawhorse; Angelique Lei tying up and gagging herself!; and Misty Grayson acrobatically tied to a T-post in nothing but panties (and a resemblance to sweet Gwen). All this plus a bonus fetish vignette adds up to an "FF" tape you won't want to miss!Directed by Oak O'Kork