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CAST: Angella Faith,Angella Faith,Angella Faith,Jenny Mckay,Tyler Macneil,Venus Delight


RELEASE DATE: 11/15/2016

"Fettered Friendship" Tyler finds out from a co-worker that her best friend (Jenny) has been spreading rumors. Jenny has shared Tyler's secret about visiting a therapist concerning her unremittingly constant bondage fantasies. As if that weren't enough, Jenny elaborated on the story, telling everyone that Tyler goes home each night, dons kinky clothing and ties herself up! To teach her so-called "friend" a lesson, Tyler lures Jenny over to her place for dinner, then proceeds to teach Jenny a thing or two about bondage. Unfortunately, Jenny learns quickly! Directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer."WEB OF DECEIT" Busty, blonde and beautiful Venus De Light is caught in Angella Faith's bondage trap when she falls for an invitation to a neighborhood meeting...and finds out that she's the only neighbor invited! Wicked Angella wastes no time roping the unsuspecting, prim and innocent Venus to a post and cleave-gagging her. Toying with her playmate, Angela changes Venus' ties, removing items of Venus' clothing as she goes. Poor Venus is tied in a standing spread-eagle, caught in a web of rope-bondage she can't escape! Then she's hogtied on a glass table-top and gagged with a large white cloth, tied into her mouth with rope that is attached to her ankles. Still enjoying the unfair game with her neighbor, Angella chair-ties Venus and, after gagging her, removes her bra! But, the piper must be paid, and Angella is careless, leaving Venus alone to struggle -- which she does furiously, until she escapes. Venus has learned quickly, for soon Angella finds herself caught in her own web -- tied hands-overhead -- and left to find her own means of release! Directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer.