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CAST: Lena Ramon,Nikki Darlin (aka Mistress Nicolette),Talia Monet


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Slave girls Talia Monet and Lena Ramon are, simply put, trouble waiting to happen. They do their best to impress Mistress Nicolette but soon the tension mounts and we learn firsthand why employing your slaves in the office is a bad idea.
A nasty scuffle ensues, which quickly turns into an all out battle to prove who is right! Both brunette babes deliver punches, slaps and smacks, along with hair-pulling, nipple twisting and more. They choke and humiliate each other mercilessly and both are at the peak of exhaustion when their Mistress walks in and catches them red-faced and half-naked.
A double punishment session ensues, with Mistress Nicolette delivering the head knocking, spanking, smothering and humiliating blows to each slave.
Somehow her bratty slave girls just can't keep their mouths shut, though, and it becomes apparent that these two aren't just posturing for the Mistress' attention. Perhaps they actually have a thing for each other?
In the final scene, Mistress Nicolette dukes it out with Lena to try to get her to admit that she started all this commotion! After putting Lena in bondage, cropping her inner thighs and twisting her pretty little nipples, Nicolette finally wrings a confession from a much more subdued slave.