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CAST: Brandy (aka Krystal Summers)

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 8/1/2016

Brandy in short summer dress, white heels and white cloth gag, hands bound behind her back is pushed into the room by Bryan. He manhandles her, wrestling her to the floor and pulling her over his knees for a sound spanking.He stands her up, lasso around her neck tied above her for support, he ties her criss-crossed ankles, leaving her precariously balanced on her heels.Bryan then takes her hands (bound behind her back) and hoists them up above her, lassoing her neck and tying it down to her knees, her dress is tied above her waist and she is left to balance on her heels.The next scene has Brandy bound to a wooden chair by her waist and arms. Her right ankle is bound back to the right side of the chair and her left thigh is bound almost up to her breasts. A knotted crotchrope presses firmly into her white panties. Bryan unbuttons the front of her dress and pulling her breasts out, fondles them and attaches nipple clamps.Next Bryan switches the cloth gag for a ball gag, stands her up and binds her from the crotch up in a harness of rope. Her left foot is bound up behind her ass and he leaves her to balance on one high-heel.The torment continues for Brandy as she lies on her stomach, arms bound behind her back. Her criss-crossed ankles are pulled up to her bound arms, curving her body. A vertical rope pulls her arms and legs up until she becomes a human rocking horse.In the final scene Brandy is securely bound to a wooden X-cross, her heeled feet resting on wedges half a foot from the base of the cross.This video features some physically demanding ties along with rough treatment of the blond bondagette.