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CAST: Bambi Newberry,Eve Ellis,Tami Monroe

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Jay's regular day-maid Yvette couldn't make it today so French accented Tami Monroe has arrived in her place. Jay figures he can trust a professional maid, and leaves on some errands, but the moment he's gone she goes to work trying to break into his computer files! Unfortunately for Simone, Jay's forgot his briefcase. He returns and discovers her pecking away at his keyboard. Jay grabs the nosy maid and hogties her there on the desk. He wants to know who she REALLY is. Simone claims innocence, even as shoves a panel/ball gag into her mouth. The hogtie does nothing to weaken her denials, so Jay decides to get a little tougher on her.
After binding her under a bondage frame, he pulls off her panties, ballgags her and changes her position to a severe strappado. Wearing only stockings, garterbelt and heels, her curvy body is tightly wrapped in wire cord and her crotch binding is hoisted out in front of her. Now laying face-up on a crossbeam of the frame, a tape gag with a lot of white cloth mouth-packing muffles Simone's sobs as Jay manhandles her body. His harsh treatment sends tears running down her soft cheeks. Next, she struggles through a strict post-tie. Jay hauls up her ankles until her entire body is suspend on the post!
Bound into another standing position, Simone has had enough and confesses her secret identity. We won't give away the plot twist here, but rest assured...Jay has a few surprises for little Simone as well!
Lovely Eve has two scenes. A chair tie with a hoisted crotchrope and a strenuous strappado position that allows Jay's whip complete access to her rosy ass.
Bambi marks time bound face-up on a bondage horse, squealing as Jay uses a slapper-style crop on her tits, thighs, and pussy. In a sitting position with her ankles suspended wide apart and a leather chastity strap between her thighs, Bambi endures big nipple clamps and a panel gag. Cranking up on the winch, Jay lifts and suspends the squirming brunette, then uses his whip all over her slowly spinning body! Bambi's final bondage is a post-tie featuring cuffs and chains.