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CAST: Eve Ellis,Hollywood,Kendra Summers,Sabrina Stone,Sadie Belle,Talia Monet


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"FRISKY BUSINESS" Starring Sadie Belle, Hollywood, Talia Monet, Sabrina Stone, Eve Ellis and Kendra Summers-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jack Banner's latest video, "Frisky Business," starts with a bang. Rising star Sadie Belle is rudely grabbed, tied on screen, then tightly retied six times. She is mistaken for one of Jack's submissives, but her packed mouth prevents her from explaining. Next, luscious Hollywood is auditioning for a bondage-themed movie. She endures six tight tie-ups in order to get the part. In two slightly shorter storylines, Talia Monet is "The Gag Tester," a professional gag tester who doesn't "do bondage" least until Jack gets to her. Miss Sabrina Stone loses a bet, and gets a makeover and four taut rope jobs. Last are vignettes from Eve Ellis, Hollywood and a rare appearance by Kendra Summers. Featured are onscreen ties, topless bondage, toe ties, stocking feet, tons of tightly bound elbows, handcuffs, custom gags, tight bras, pantyhose and very sexy street clothes.Produced and Directed by Jack Banner.