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CAST: Brittany Andrews,Eve Ellis

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Pop singer Bella Donna (fetish superstarlet Eve Ellis) is working on a fetish-related book and agrees with her agent to meet with a consultant, who turns out to be none other than Jay Edwards. He criticizes her book as mediocre and she issues a bitchy challenge to him. She soon finds herself under the master's control.
She is hogtied and ballgagged to keep her quiet. She is tied to a post with elbows and wrists lashed tightly together and ropes around her waist hold her in a standing position. Jay adds a crotch rope and harness gag and finishes her off by tying her ankles and knees together. She is put in a stringent strappado position and her accessible ass is nicely cropped. Next her legs are tied to a spreader bar and hogtied she is placed on her stomach on a stool and the bar is hoisted towards the ceiling. A large red ball gag has been placed in her mouth and Jay sensually caresses her breasts. He then gifts them with nipple clamps and weights. Next she is poised on knee point with arms behind and hooked to the ceiling via her ballgag. As our story comes to a close Bella Donna is bound in leather harness and single sleeve and asks to be bound even longer.
Fetish superstar Brittany Andrews is up next, totally nude and barefoot. Her tits are bound and her body is forced into a squatting position against a metal post on Jay's rotating 'girly-go-round' platform. A tight ballgag and crotchrope add to her misery/excitement. Jay enters and whips her waiting crotch and tits. Med wrap is stretched around her ballgag and she becomes a very pretty package. In the closing scene she is in a kneeling bent over strappado on the 'girly-go-round', ballgagged and nipple clamped.
Includes previews of JEV-78!