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CAST: Christina,Destiny,Michelle


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Gag-Talk Heavy emphasis on lovely ladies talking through those signature Dominic Wolfe, BIG, MOUTH-FILLING and often THOROUGHLY LAYERED gags is the playful main feature in this newest, excellent installment of Dominic's main video series. Plus you may have noticed that, as promised, Dominic has decided on a $10 price mark-down for this series, effective with this video. So now you get nearly an hour and a half of three gorgeous Southern California models and NINE positions for only $50! Nothing is sacrificed in order to enable us to offer the beautiful video at a lower price--not video quality, not the sexy women tightly tied nor their high-class and often high-fetish costumes, not even the running time of the program. Dominic is serious about making good videos and he just gets better and better all the time!Produced and Directed by Dominic Wolfe