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CAST: Ashley Renee,Danni Ashe,Kristine Imboch (lorelei)


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Lorelei's original "Gagged!" video sold so well that she created this sequel! Super busty Danni Ashe and Ashley Renee shine as they are gagged again and again by ingenious Lorelei. That's TWENTY mouth-muffling mmmmmphs, all applied ON-SCREEN! What do they get on, over and in their pretty mouths? Ballgags, panties, scarves, handkerchiefs, stockings, a rubber plug, a sponge, a wooden spoon, plastic tubing, a kitchen towel, rubber hose, PVC pipe, med-wrap, plastic wrap, a whiffle ball, spandex, a steel ring, nylon rope, PVC tape and medical tape...that's what!