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CAST: Eve Ellis


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"GAGGED AND GORGEOUS"Starring: Eve Ellis, Minorka and AndreaIf beautiful, sweetly submissive women in lingerie-- tied tightly and well gagged -- are your idea of a good time, then you'll think this video is the party of the year! Treat yourself to your own personal holiday celebration with the irresistible likes of Eve in white lace, or black PVC, white ropes, black leather straps and a variety of sensual and yet extremely effective gags. In good company with Eve is blonde, tanned and sexy Andrea, also inescapably bound and thoroughly gagged -- three times! Then, rounding out your holiday party is petite, exotic brunette Minorka in two visually luscious barefoot bondage scenes. A redhead, a blonde and a brunette, all scantily clad and in bondage (eight times) to boot -- who else but you gets to boast such a guest list for their holiday party!Produced and directed by Dominic Wolfe