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CAST: Cassie,Genny,Sharon Engert

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

As we open, Jay is dragging pretty blonde Sharon, already bound, into an abandoned building. He taunts her with "You're not used to this kind of treatment, are you?" and "I'd suggest you don't make me mad!"
Sharon is frightened and escape is impossible. Jay toys with her, squeezing her flesh, binding her tightly on camera and reminding her that no one knows she's missing.
As the day wears on, the buxom blonde is subjected to one grueling position after the other. Taking control of her emotions, Jay alternates between stinging whippings and tender caresses until she's reduced to trying to please him like an obedient little puppy! A vibrator slipped under her crotchrope breaks any remaining resistance completely. Excellent Master/slave interaction!
After the story we are treated to four scenes of two more lovely ladies. Gorgeous Cassie obviously enjoys Jay's attention in her two scenes. She smiles as her ties her and obeys his command to keep quiet until she is gagged. Dark-haired Genny works up a sweat in Jay's tight ropework, moaning as he clamps her needy nipples!
Includes previews of JEV-115!