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CAST: Amber Michaels,Chanta Rose,Cory Lane,Darby Daniels,Jack Banner,Jb Hollywood,Jenni Lee,Jon Woods (aka Leonard Ayresteel),Loren Chance,Mary Jane (aka Mary Jane Green),Oak O`Kork,Sadie Belle,Tanya Danielle


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

The Gangbound series is selling like gangbusters, and it is no mystery why!
In this next edition, you get over and hour and a half of dramatic scenes of extremely beautiful women cornered, captured, then roughly bound and forcefully gagged onscreen!
Amber Michaels, Chanta Rose, Cory Lane, Darby Daniels, JB Hollywood, Jenni Lee, Loren Chance, Mary Jane Green, Sadie Belle and Tanya Danielle all suffer gorgeously at the hands of Jack Banner, Jon Woods and Oak O'Kork.(The opening sequence alone will knock your socks off!)
The three gents combine forces to churn out no less than ten loosely knit plots consisting of tight knots and incessant female grumbling. The results are fairly intense if not overly familiar. Repetition is avoided as wrap-around segments are invigorated with more suspense than usual. "Hostage Situation" bristles with such moments as three beauties are left bound, gagged and floundering in the confines of a moving van. The bondage squad confines the bawling babes to big brass beds, board meeting tables, wooden chairs and scaffoldings. The consistency in tone will undoubtedly please die-hards and fans of the dramatic may find the tone perfectly sinister, especially with segments such as "Light Sleeper", which involves a woman's drink being drugged.