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CAST: Carmen,Jenna

DIRECTOR: Michael Kahn

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Jimmy Durango has tapped pro-Am B&D director Michael Kahn to bring his edgy, homey, rough-n-tumble style to the ranks of the Close-Up bondagers!
This video is specifically for fans of bondage that’s maybe a little less tidy, not quite so polished. The action takes place first in a bedroom, then an apartment living room, and finally, a dungeon.
Our two models for the day are blonde Jenna and brunette Carmen. Despite their virginal white fishnet lingerie, these two models don’t seem all that sweet and innocent. Actually, they seem just a little bit pissed-off at being tied up
There’s also no fancy-pants intricate ropework here. In fact, only two of the bondages are actually accomplished with rope. Colorful leather straps, steel handcuffs, chain, vinyl bondage tape, aluminum spreader bars and multi-colored plastic zip ties are also employed to keep the girls in line.
There are a couple of ball and bit gags, but most of the scenes are kept gag-free so that the girls can express their displeasure with words, rather than grunts. (“Help me, somebody…this asshole has tied me up!” Jenna calls out.)
Carmen, on the other hand, must endure Master Kahn’s shiny, sharp knife against her most delicate skin as he slices through her fishnet lingerie and stockings!
As we said, this video is definitely for the pro-am fan. Handheld camerawork, visible light stands, cords on the floor…this all helps the viewer feel like they’re peeping in on someone else’s private bondage play instead of watching a fully-produced adult video.
Michael Kahn has been entertaining viewers with his trashy-sexy style for years…and now Jimmy Durango is making sure he’ll entertain you, too!