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CAST: Barbi Doren, Gigi Kelly, Gina Rome

DIRECTOR: Kristine Imboch

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Barbi has accepted a delivery as a favor for a neighbor, but her naughty roommate Gigi gets into the package and discovers a slave table and bondage equipment!
Flustered, Barbi flees to her room, but intrigued Gigi tucks right in and locks herself to the table, keeping the keys within reach.
Meanwhile, Barbi can no longer resist her feelings of excitement and binds herself on her own bed with soft, colorful silk scarves!
Feeling sated, Barbi returns to the living room to find that red-faced Gigi has accidentally dropped the keys. Gigi begs Barbi to help her and Barbi does...but only after whipping the helpless blonde!
When finally freed, Gigi storms out the front door. Hearing a knock, Barbi assumes it's Gigi crawling back but to her surprise, it's actually neighbor Gina who's pissed off because her packages have been opened and played with.
Barbi's on a roll and soon Gina is bound to the slave table with an over-sized penis-gag shoved in her mouth! Barbi vibrates her lovely neighbor to three climaxes, until she's so dazed she doesn't realize she's sucking on her huge gag.
Gina's moment is coming, though, and Barbi ends up bound to the table, writhing through her own set of orgasms!
Oh, and don't forget about Gigi...she soon returns and binds Gina and Barbi into a position guaranteed to teach them humility!