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CAST: Alexis Taylor,Ariele Anderson,Jenni Lee,Jenni Lee,Karina Santos (aka Karina Ballerina),Vivian Irene Pierce


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"GLAMOUR MODEL DETECTIVES"65 Minutes! Gorgeous Karina Santos is interviewed for a magazine article about her company, Glamour Model Detectives, and she recounts stories of their thrilling cases. When Jenni Lee tails a missing person who doesn’t want to be found (Alexis Taylor), the evil woman leaves the busty blonde hogtied and gagged in her surveillance van.Ariele Anderson continues the search for Alexis, but she ends up handcuffed and gagged while Alexis escapes again. Dark-haired beauty Natasha is caught snooping in a hotel room by the criminal she’s pursuing, and is soon cleave-gagged, bed-bound and struggling.Beautiful detective Vivian Ireene Pierce becomes the unwilling model in a bondage video at a fetish convention, and then faces peril when she goes undercover as a nurse during an insurance fraud investigation.When the interview concludes, Karina is surprised to learn the interviewer is not who he claims to be, and the dazzling detective is left bound and gagged in her office. This story features lots of dramatic on-screen tying of dressed up damsels.Directed by Jon Woods