Hardcore Male/Female Oil Wrestling 1

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CAST: Angela,Chris,Doug,Ebony,Marisa,Tom,Tony,Valerie


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

This is the first of this series which won the 1998 AVN award for "Best specialty tape - other genre." And when you consider the volumn of adult videos on the market, this prestigeous award tells you you're buying the best. In four separate oil pit sex wrestling matches, four great looking sex-crazed couples strip each other naked and sex wrestle in XXX hardcore action guaranteed to blow you away.TONY fucks ANGELA. TOM fucks MARISA. CHRIS fucks EBONY. And DOUG fucks VALERIE in four no-holds-barred, totally naked, male/female hardcore oil wrestling matches that are HARDER, HOTTER, HORNIER, and DEEPER than anything on the market. Valerie, Ebony, Angela, and Marisa get their stud opponents wild with passion, but make them sweat and work before giving up four unbelievably hot victory fucks. Award winning MALE/FEMALE HARDCORE WRESTLING ONE brings a new standard of beauty and sexuality to one of the world's oldest full body contact sports.