Hardcore Male/Female Oil Wrestling 5

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CAST: Carl,Emma,Guy Simmons,Lexi,Lola,Sebastien


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

The AVN award-winning series continues! Curvy blonde bombshell Emma takes on Guy Simmons in match one. Despite her mean scissor leg locks, she is continually tempted by Guy's hard cock rubbing up against her slippery wet ass, and she finally submits! Lexi proves to be a feisty opponent for Carl. A sexy fuck and hand job is Carl's prize for persistence. In match three, Lola's favorite foreplay is a long slippery, wet submission. She and heropponent, Sebastien, take their lust-filled time enjoying every grope and hold. Sebastien has to work for that pussy and he earns it. Lola's treat is a gooey facial she won't soon forget! Oil it up for another sexy addition to the Matrock line-up!

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