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CAST: Ariele Cole,Kristine Imboch (lorelei),Lorelei (Aka Kristine Imboch),Sarah-Jane Hamilton

DIRECTOR: Kristine Imboch

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

In the first story of this double feature, Ariele Cole is a world-famous author who prefers to live simply. Her dimwitted maid Kristine (Lorelei) can't stand the thought of all that money going to waste, so she slips a little something special into her mistress' tea. While Ariele's passed out, Kristine pulls off her clothes, binds her, and ties a scarf over her eyes!
When she comes to, the greedy maid tries to disguise her voice and force the blindfolded author to sign a trust fund, but Ariele's no fool. She recognizes her maid's voice and refuses.
Angry now, kristine re-drugs Ariele and hangs her up by her ankles to spank her! Even this doesn't work, so she binds her again on the floor. Third time's the charm, and Ariele gives in and signs...but will the daffy maid actually get any money out of the deal?
The second part of the program stars voluptuous Sarah-Jane Hamilton as an artist's figure model hired to pose for Lorelei. When the spellbound sketchist finds herself fantasizing about binding and fondling her mannequin, she decides to take action.
Tying the curvy redhead's arms over her head, Lorelei proceeds to whip Sarah Jane's breasts and crotch mercilessly!