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CAST: Gwendoline L`Amour

DIRECTOR: Sterne Masterson

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

With her lush curves, milky white skin, ruby lips and jet black hair, lovely newcomer Gwendoline Lamour is quite a tasty treat! As we open, pretty Gwen sleeps peacefully in a chair, still wearing the classic black lingerie she wore under her dress at a party earlier in the evening. But wait -- a masked man enters the picture and shoves a white cloth over her sleeping face! She awakens briefly to struggle but the fumes quickly overtake her and leave her completely vulnerable to her captor, who tightly binds her on camera, then leaves to explore her house. When she awakens, the evil man informs her that he followed her home from the party and then teases her for leaving her windows unlocked! Poor Gwen...she spends the entire night being bound, gagged, nipple-clamped and pawed by the wicked intruder! Will she ever get away?