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CAST: Becky Sunshine,Claudia

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Becky has been skimming from her accounts and Jay has found her out. The debt must be paid, and Becky agrees to jay's terms?bondage enslavement! She is cuffed at wrist and ankle, she is suspended, she is bound to an ottoman, tied into a ball, tied on the bed, tied on the floor?what a payment plan! Becky wears many different mouth-filling gags, her nipples are clamped, and she is blindfolded. The pay-back schedule even includes whipping and hot wax. Becky's punishment makes her wonder if the theft was worth the price she paid. Ever popular brunette Claudia is next, with three bondages. She's leather strapped, rope-bound, and tied to the bed. Clothespins torment her flesh. Her nudity is eventually total, with even her feet bare!