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CAST: Devin Demoore, Kitty, Paul Cordell

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Devin DeMoore and Miss Kitty belong to the same health club, but when they both fall for the club's new personal trainer, their friendship starts to go awry.
Kitty manages to get a date with him first, which ticks Devin off. In a rage, she ties Kitty up in the locker room and goes off to steal her date!
The next day Kitty sneers that Mark has made another date with her anyway. She also gives Devin a tatse of her own medicine by tying HER up and leaving her in the locker room!
Kitty returns after the date to untie her rival but finds that Devin has already gotten herself free and is majorly pissed off! Devin jumps Kitty and ties her against a short post. Then, because Kitty is obviously "so horny," Devin teases her pussy with an ultra-realistic penis-shaped vibrator until Kitty cries out in ORGASM!
Not to be outdone, Kitty lays in wait for Devin the next day at the gym and jumps her dark-haired rival as she's walking down the hall. She frogties Devin's legs and arms and gives her the forced-orgasm treatment with a little pink vibrator!
Finally, Mark the Trainer accidentally stumbles upon what these two catty gym-bitches have been up to and he's shocked. They demand that he choose between them...but he decides they BOTH need a little more "training."
Devin and Kitty end up nude, barefoot and hogtied side-by-side on the floor of the locker room!