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CAST: Lena Ramon,Maya Mclaren

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Maya shows up at Lena's door with a case full of high-heeled shoes for sale, but Lena's not interested...so Maya shoves her way in the front door! Before Lena can figure out what this pushy salesgal is up to, there's a white cloth shoved over her face! She struggles valiantly, but she's no match for the choking chloroform fumes and soon she's out cold.
When she awakes, she hogtied on the floor, dressed only in her panties and heels. Turns out Maya and Lena shared a college class the year before. Lena doesn't remember Maya, however, because when they knew each other Maya was overweight and frumpy and Lena teased her mercilessly about her ugly clothes and shabby shoes. Now Maya's here to exact revenge on her former tormentor!
She binds Lena again, this time nude and in another set of heels. Unfortunately for Maya, she overestimates her control of the situation, and soon Lena turns the tables on her. Maya's bound twice, first in panties and heels, then just heels. She also gets a nice, prolonged chloroform scene of her own!
Finally, after much struggling, Maya manages to escape her bonds and free herself. She grabs unsuspecting Lena and ties her again -then forces her to a GENUINE ORGASM with a big massager! Will former bad girl Lena ever escape Maya's spike-heeled wrath?