Helpless Heroes 3

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CAST: Johnny James, Macy


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

If you grew up wishing you could have a go at Catwoman, then this is your video! The third in our Helpless Heroes series, Hunter vs. Kitty Kate delivers all the hot action you expect from Matrock. Lusty and luscious Macy is Kitty Kate, and Johnny James is the Hunter who wants her for his "collection". The Hunter infiltrates her lair, and while trying to set up his net, the mechanism backfires - trapping him! Kitty Kate comes upon the captured Hunter, and sprays him with her horny catnip. Soon he is giving in to his lustful desires, and Kitty Kate gets an unfettered taste of Hunter's big dick. But the catnip wears off, and soon the two are wrestling for domination. She gets the upper hand for a while, but is soon trapped in the net herself and sprayed with the same horny catnip. Now all Kitty wants to play with is Hunter's dick - and she wants her pussy played with as well. Hunter is glad to oblige, and fucks her good. What she doesn't know is that Hunter's cum is an agent for suspended animation. If she's not careful, Kitty Kate could become a permanent part of Hunter's collection!