Helpless Heroes 3-4-5

Helpless Heroes 3-4-5

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CAST: Alexandra Nice,Brick Majors,Eric Everhard,Johnny James,Macy,Shaena Steel


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

HELPLESS HEROES 3 KITTY KATE VS. HUNTER FIRESTAR VS. ICICLE DIMENSION VS. SHINE HELPLESS HEROES 3 - If you grew up wishing you could have a go at cat woman, the this is your video, Lusty and Luscious Macy is Kitty Kate , and Johnny James is the Hunter who wants hero for his collection. In HELPLESS HEROES 4, super hero Icicle (Eric Everhard) surprise catches delicious diva-devil Firestar ( Shaena Steel) in his secret Laboratory-gym attempting to plant a bomb. If you're in to Fantasy Duo, super hero, hardcore fucking and sucking. FireStar vs. Icicle is lurid comic book style fetish sex at its most incendiary. HELPLESS HEROES 5 stars truly beautiful Alexandra Nice as Shine. She has long flame-red-tipped dark hair, full luscious breast with always hard nipples, and a cunt you want to stick your head into and drown in pussy juice. Her Superhero nemesis is Brick Majors AKA Dimension. Even though they're sworn enemies, Shine can't resist Dimension's rock hard pussy plunger.