Helpless Heroes 6 & 7

Helpless Heroes 6 & 7

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CAST: Dominica Leoni, Lee Stone, T.J. Cummings, Tease Nightly


RELEASE DATE: 2/1/2018

G. I. JANE VS AGENT SKULL A world threatening secret weapon has been stolen and the military's only hope of retrieving it is T. J. Cummings SKA (Secretly Known As) Agent Skull. Unknown to Skull, the weapon has been stolen by deranged Amazonian commando G. I. Jane SKA Ms Tease Nightly. Geared in his purple Agent Skull disguise, the handsome and fearless hero discovers Jane in her secret bunker. Wearing fatigue commando gear, Jane's huge tits practically explode out of her Army green tank top. Maybe even larger and stronger than Skull, Jane fondles her stolen weapon muttering intensions of ruling the world. Surprising Jane, Skull crashes her campsite and a fierce physical battle ensues. Jane kicks balls and punishes Skull finally releasing a net from above and ensnaring the now Helpless Hero. Making sure she's in complete control, Jane sprays Skull with a paralyzing mist. Accessing her proud and handsome prisoner, Jane decides to humiliate Skull's masculinity by exposing his boy like butt and jamming an inflatable dildo up the hero's ass.... and fucks him. The paralyzing spray wears off and an infuriated Skull turns the tables and ties her up. He gropes, grabs, fondles, and manhandles Jane's Amazonian voluptuousness. Thinking he's weakened her, he unties his prisoner. He eats her and fucks her hard with the stamina of youth. She loves it. Then she sucks his rigid cock. Then mounts it and rides her hero like only amazons can fuck. Back on top Skull jackhammers Jane's commando cunt until she passes out. He rushes to retrieve the secret weapon and mutters...."Now it's mine!". THE END? ELECTRON GIRL VS ATOMIC We're in Dominica Leoni's flashy futuristic electronic boudoir. SKA (Secretly Known As) Electron Girl, she's wearing a skin tight silver lurex body suit and staggeringly high red stiletto heeled boots. "Electronica" stimulates every inch of her curvaceous body with one of her favorite electric toys. Unbeknownst to Electronica, muscular Lee Stone SKA super hero Atomic is about to attempt to steel her secret powers. Atomic's mission is to neutralize and ground Electronica preventing her from plunging Los Angeles into total darkness and a reign of crime. Atomic surprises Electronica in her bouduoir and their initial struggle soon turns to mutual lust. Atomic rips open Electronica's crotch and ravenously devourers her super juicy clitoris. She tears open Atomic's crotch and attacks his mutantly enormous cock. They fuck furiously. Electronica's bitch red heels stabbing at the ceiling. Atomic's monster meat cannon pounding deeper and deeper into Electronica's vaginal vortex. Lost in lust Atomic lowers his guard and finds himself wrist shackled and hoisted up helplessly. His gargantuan penis exposed, rigid, dripping, and unsatisfied. Electronica slaps and teases and humiliates the mighty Atomic. She hoists him higher. She jabs her spiked heels into his chest. Infuriated, Atomic forcibly breaks free from his shackles, and Electronica soon finds herself wrist shackled and dangling helpless in front of Atomic. But not for long. Atomic softens, releases Electronica, and pumps off a bucket of cum into her eager mouth. Totally spent, Atomic passes out. Electronica quickly gathers up her power toys and makes her hasty escape. THE END?