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CAST: Whitney Prescott

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

If total helplessness hits your bondage hot-button, then you have to own this video for the saran-wrap scene. When Bryan starts wrapping Whitney's head and she's squealing like wild and he takes out her ballgag and forces that little breathing tube between the teeth? WHOA! Feel her fear!After her head is completely wrapped in plastic, Whitney realizes that she's past the point of no return, and she does her best to relax into the predicament and accept it. Bryan reaches around and manipulates Whitney's breasts through the tight plastic until her nipples harden under the firm wrapping.This video features 3 ULTRA-LONG MUMMIFICATION SESSIONS. You'll see how long-term bondage works (by changing limb positions periodically, Bryan gets Whitney through 40 recorded minutes of being med- wrapped; if you count non-recorded minutes, her experience probably lasted more than an hour).MED-WRAP: This white stretchy sticky material is used by doctors to apply rock-hard casts. It's ideal for absolute bondage. First Whitney takes a little time alone to enjoy her arms sealed behind her back. Then Bryan joins her to add a ballgag and leg-wrapping. The compliant redhead is placed on the ground and bent into a hogtie position by the careful addition of PVC tape. Whitney's bondage is adjusted again to place her standing against a post. Bryan stuffs cloth in Whitney's mouth and then wraps her head to the post until she's blindfolded. Whitney's left alone for a while; she rocks slightly and mmms to herself softly.SARAN WRAP: It starts out simple; arms and waist secured to the post. Bryan adds leg-wrapping. His captive is given some time to enjoy this sensation, then Whitney's breasts are wrapped in tightly. The binding continues until the climactic covering of Whitney's head.DUCT TAPE SUSPENSION: Whitney's in mid-air on the X-cross, clad only in duct tape. A fantastic crotch angle shows how displayed and accessible she is. Bryan comes in to add a ballgag, and the gift package is complete. The scene goes on until the cumulative effect takes its toll -- her legs begin to cramp, her skin gleams with sweat and her mews turn to moans.