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CAST: Cheyenne Tyler,Jessica Eden

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Jay comes home to find one VERY special delivery on his doorstep. Inside the box is beautiful Cheyenne Tyler - wearing nothing but a leather body harness, single sleeve, and ballgag! "This is my lucky day", he says. When such a gift falls in your lap, you make the most of it, right? Soon Jay has Cheyenne bound and gagged all over the house. She's hogtied on the sofa, then seated on a little bench with a vibrator secured against her crotchrope. Bent over the same bench, Cheyenne must next endure a kneeling strappado and Jay's whip on her ass. She totters on knee-point for her last scene in lingerie, then Jay moves her down to his "playroom", for three completely nude and barefoot bondages that really test this exotic beauty's endurance. The video concludes with two scenes of blonde Jessica in a black leather waist-cincher and heels. She's bound twice to the banister, first standing, then kneeling. For her last tie, Jay hoists her crotchrope outwards and slips a little vibrator under it to help her enjoy her predicament even more! Multiple vibe scenes, plus lots of on-camera gagging and mouth-packing make this video a must-have! Includes previews of JEV-106.