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CAST: Autumn Woods,Sabrina Stone


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Sabrina and Autumn are a beautiful match in this video featuring hogties and hogtie variations. Both have great figures, flexible bodies, tanned skin and red hair, and both have a real enthusiasm for bondage. Autumn starts us out, dressed in a silver minidress and high heels. She's in a tough, elbows-together hogtie, ballgagged, and balanced atop two tall stools. Next Sabrina struggles sexily in a leather strap, hog-frog variation that shows off her pretty green lingerie. Hogtied and ballgagged side-by-side, both ladies writhe on the floor in lacy bras and panties, then they take turns dominating and controlling each other's bound bodies. Finally, they're both in crossed-wrist hogties on the floor, clad in only sheer black pantyhose. Two sexy ladies, six fat ballgags, eight stringent hogties -- what a winning equation!