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CAST: Aiden Starr (Aka Lolita),Allanah Rhodes,Autumn Woods,Sabrina Stone


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Starring Sabrina Stone, Autumn Woods, Allanah Rhodes and Aiden StarrOriginally two separate videos, Hogtie Honeys 1 & 2 have now been combined to bring you this jumbo collection of sexy hogtie bondages! Redheads Aiden, Sabrina, Autumn, and Allanah show incredible stamina and flexibility in the most popular bondage position of all time, the hogtie. The ladies' attire ranges from sexy streetwear to lingerie to full nudity. Four sexy ladies in eighteen tough hogties!
HOGTIE HONEYS 1 (formerly CUE-33)...starring Sabrina Stone & Autumn Woods
Autumn starts us out, dressed in a silver minidress and high heels. She's in a tough, elbows-together hogtie, ballgagged, and balanced atop two tall stools. Next Sabrina struggles sexily in a leather strap, hog-frog variation that shows off her pretty green lingerie. Hogtied and ballgagged side-by-side, both ladies writhe on the floor in lacy bras and panties, then they take turns dominating and controlling each other's bound bodies. Finally, they're both in crossed-wrist hogties on the floor, clad in only sheer black pantyhose!
HOGTIE HONEYS 2 (formerly SIN-31)...starring Aiden Starr & Allanah Rhodes
Allanah starts us off with an elbows-together hogtie for which she wears a cute skirt and a see-thru top! Aiden is up next and she wears blue jeans for her elbows-together hog! Both ladies are stunning in their pink lingerie and six-inch heels for a set of crossed ankle and wrist hogties. Next Allanah wears blue lingerie for a barefoot hogtie tied atop a slender weight bench, then Aiden models sexy stockings and heels for an extreme-arch hogtie that really stretches her petite body! Now we find Allanah severely confined in a leather single-sleeve and strap hogtie -- she can barely move! Moving to the floor, Aiden arms are practically welded together in back for another hard-arch hogtie with a detective-style bandanna gag, then Allanah tries to struggle in a full-nude and barefoot, crossed-ankle hogtie. The last scene of the program is the most dramatic: Aiden is nude (except for her six-inch heels) and fully suspended in a package-hogtie that leaves her dangling a couple of feet above the bed! (Also includes full previews of other hogtie-only Close-Up videos!)