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CAST: Kurt Lockwood, Mac Turner, Sarah Blake, Sharon Wild, Sofia Sandobar, Tommy Gunn


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Starring Sharon Wild, Destiny summers, Sofia Sandobar, Sarah Blake, Tommy Gunn, Damian, Mac Turner & Kurt LockwoodMATCH 1: Sharon Wild fights AVN’s "Male Performer of the Year” Tommy Gunn! Tommy’s a big guy so Sharon goes for the throat! Wrestling turns to fucking and she swallows his pop! MATCH 2: Mouthy Destiny Summers repeatedly pins Damian until he twists her into a pretzel! A foot to the balls puts her back in control but once the fucking starts, it’s anybody’s game and he pops on her tits! MATCH 3: Mac Turner’s a lot bigger than pint-sized Sofia Sandobar but she’s flexible, slippery...and horny! Furious, acrobatic fucking before he blows his load in her mouth! MATCH 4: Innocent Sarah Blake takes on toughguy Kurt Lockwood! Knocking around the oil ring is so hot that Sarah dives for Kurt’s cock. Porn’s badboy blasts all over her pussy!