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CAST: Darby Daniels

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Darby is kept hooded throughout this entire video! She begins her ordeal wearing only gloves and high heels, but eventually she loses even those, and is left to struggle in nothing but the face-concealing leather hood and a cruel, steel slave belt. Deprived of most of her senses, she can only concentrate on the super-strict steel cuffs, chains, and leather straps that bind her. She's folded, she's twisted, she's bent in half and strappado'd. Her back is arched to major proportions. She's forced into a heavy duty steel stock that is absolutely inescapable. When it comes time for a teardrop suspension, exhausted Darby reaches the limits of her endurance - so she's rewarded with a full body wrap-encasement, and a buzzing vibrator wedged between her thighs!