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CAST: Amber Michaels,Angelique Lei,Brook Taylor,Cassandra Knight,Ginger Sands,Josie Perez,Ryan Conner,Sadie Belle,Sass Lyn,Tanya Danielle


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

This is a two-movie video featuring HOSTAGES (OK-44) and THE SCRIPT (OK-45).
Women are going missing, and there's only one link: Cassandra Knight knows each one of them. Agent Sass Lyn is sent to investigate (and act as bait for whoever is taking the lovely ladies). With only a few clues at their disposal, the two put the pieces together, and come up with an order of hostages. Most of them are chair-tied and barefoot as they await their fate! Sadie Belle is bound in pantyhose and heels; Angelique Lei rolls out of a carpet and hops for escape; Josie Perez is topless and fearful; Brook Taylor wears a ripped-up mini-dress; Ginger Sands is cloth-and-tape-gagged. The hunters then become the prey as Sass and Cassandra find themselves at the mercy of the hostage taker. This is a barefoot-centric tape especially for fans of the BF series (although two high heel scenes are included), damsels-in-distress, and chair-ties. Stars Sass Lyn, Cassandra Knight, Sadie Belle, Angelique Lei, Josie Perez, Brook Taylor and Ginger Sands. Directed by Oak O'Kork. 70 minutes.
Angelique and Amber are actresses who find themselves at the mercy of the director and unusual script: both are tied up in the dressing room (in hose and heels)! Amber hops to find help and is tied on a sofa. Both are tied back-to-back, topless. Angelique (in lingerie) is taped and gagged by Amber. Amber is hogtied. Tanya, the entertainment reporter, arrives on set and is made to "audition" for the director. The real screenwriter, Ryan, is tied and shackled to a sofa (topless and barefoot), and we soon discover what happened to the real director. Stars Amber Michaels, Angelique Lei, Tanya Danielle, and Ryan Connor. Directed by Oak O'Kork. 70 minutes.