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CAST: Dorothy Laine, Lilith Gadrielle

DIRECTOR: Darla Crane

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Velma is sexy and sensible but her roommate Daphne is a good time party girl through and through. When Daphne brings home a bondage video that she "found" in someone's mail at work, they discover the one thing they have in common -- a passion for bondage!
The very next day, each girl sneaks out and buys a bag full of bondage goodies, then we get to watch as they experiment with self-bondage and solo vibrator play!
All seems to be going well for the randy roommates until an argument erupts. Daphne wants to go out and party but Velma nags at her that it's laundry night. Oops! Soon barefoot Velma is all strapped up in leather. Daphne pulls down Velma's shorts and administers a good old ass-warming with a leather paddle, then leaves for the party without untying her!
Velma is so pissed off that early the next morning she jumps on top of a sleeping (and probably hungover) Daphne and ties her to the bed. Velma administers a long, hard, hand-spanking on Daphne's bratty butt, then leaves her tied up so she'll miss work.
Later that day, a little spat over who gets to use the computer ends up with Velma nude, barefoot, bound and tape-gagged at Daphne's high-heeled feet!
Velma is not the gal to cross, though, because she gets back at Daphne in spectacular fashion! She calls and orders a pizza, and when the sleazy delivery guy shows up, she quickly grabs him and handcuffs him to the banister. "Relax" she says, "You're just going to get a free show!"
Before Daphne can react, Velma has her bound and gagged on her hands and knees. Velma uses a leather slapper-crop across her ass, then teases her puss with a vibrator right there in front of the astonished delivery guy!
Later, the roomies start squabbling again until they realize that instead of fighting they could be having fun! They get out all of their new bondage equipment and bind themselves close together on the close, in fact, that they share one vibrator between them until each reaches ORGASM!
Darla was the very first person to ever cast lovely Dorothy Laine in a bondage video!
This is Lilith's very first video appearance. She is a real-life submissive and a play-partner of Darla's!