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CAST: Cassandra Knight,Conmiel,Conmiel,Jewell Marceau,Mary Jane (aka Mary Jane Green)


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"Immortalizing Klaw: A Tribute by Greta von Scorn"Featuring Mary Jane, Jewell Marceau, Cassandra Knight, and Conmiel70 minutes Recently I had the great fortune to come across an old, dusty photo album full of Irving Klaw original stills. Having little prior exposure to his work, I was instantly awestruck by the unbounded creativity and uncommon artistic genius presented there. A retroactive spark was ignited in my mind as I reminisced over all the bondage I had ever encountered in my life and in my career as a professional dominatrix in Germany. Mr. Klaw's pervasive influence was undeniable! Along with this awareness, a deep appreciation awakened in my cold, black heart, and I resolved that I would not let the majesty of his bondage brilliance fade into the dusty annals of the forgotten past.In this video, I have recreated selections of Irving Klaw's work that I find to be particularly striking or symbolic of his remarkable style. Finding the perfect vintage lingerie — high waisted panties, seamed stockings, garter belts, and bustiers — was no simple task, but well worth the effort when I saw it sensuously adorned by the models I handpicked for the shoot. I simply relished recreating Klaw film footage of one lingerie clad beauty tormenting and scolding one another — oh, those wicked little spanks!Directed by Greta von Scorn