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CAST: Bambi Newberry,Eve Ellis,Marie,Sara St. James,Tami Monroe

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Bambi starts us off on a stool with her elbows together and her legs spread. Jay winds med-wrap around her mouth, then covers that with blue electrical tape. He clamps her nipples before pulling her wrists up behind her. Next she's bent over a T-bar, balanced on her hips with her ass up in the air. Jay whips her ass and thighs with a cat o'nine and a leather slapper.
Second up is feisty Sara bound across a bed covered in black satin. Then she's on her knees and her wrists are pulled up between her thighs and drawn towards the ceiling. Jay runs a cord to the top strap of her harness-style ballgag to keep this spitfire's head up.
Buxom Marie is sitting with her arms tied to a short post behind her. Jay manhandles her tits before putting pinchers on her nipples. In her second scene she's semi-suspended from her wrists. Her stockinged knees are touching the ground under her, but she can't gain any purchase on the slippery floor!
Eve is lovely, leaning against a post and mouthing a blue ballgag. A short bar holds her arms back and a spreader bar keeps her legs wide. Jay lifts her completely off the ground and places her on her knees so that he can tie her spreader bar to the post behind her. He whips her tits, belly, and thighs, then her tender crotch.
Finally, we get doll-like Tami Monroe. She's tightly bound with one knee pulled all the way up to her shoulder and one leg free. Jay ties that free ankle back to her wrists and she can hardly move. . .but that doesn't stop her from trying. In her last scene she's standing with her elbows together in back. Jay squeezes her breasts and adds big, black nipple clamps. Pulling her head back by her hair, he tugs at the chain between the clamps with his teeth, then weights them by attaching a small whip to the chain!