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CAST: Camie,Paige Rene

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

We open on Jay making out hot-and-heavy with his beautiful new girlfriend Paige. She is clearly turned on but the subject of bondage comes up and she hesitates. She just does not understand why he is so into the idea of tying her up but it doesn’t take much more prodding to get her consent. Out comes the equipment and now we find Paige still dressed with her upper body immobilized in bondage. The ropes just keep on coming and Paige asks (a bit incredulously) "All those ropes are going to fit on this body?" (Don't worry, sweetheart, Jay Edwards will find a place for them.) She's bound head-to-toe and gagged with a fat red ball (yet another surprise she wasn't expecting) and then struggles alone on the sofa, taking in the full experience of complete helplessness.
Next we find that Paige dressed in a lacy pink and white teddy, stockings and high heels; the perfect ensemble for a lady about to experience her first full day of bondage submission. Jay ties her kneeling to a post and gags her with a white ball, to match her lingerie. Ropes and gags seem to suit this beauty well, as her sexual excitement is quite obvious. Weighted nipple-squashers and a knotted crotchrope soon have her thrusting her hips and groaning with pleasure. Paige is really getting into this bondage business! She hops up to her new Master, giddy with pleasure, begging for the feeling of his strong hands on her bare skin. Her adorable eagerness is rewarded with a demanding elbow-strappado and more tight clips on her now-sensitized nipples!
The day progresses and now we find Paige in a dramatic silver teddy with matching heels, kneeling backward against a short post as Jay forces a balled panel-gag into her mouth. By now her nipples are swollen, bright pink and simply perfect for the heavy clamps Jay applies before replacing her gag with a ball that leashes up to the ceiling! Perched atop a tall stool, tightly-tied Paige is a lovely sight. But even the most beautiful work of art can sometimes be improved; Jay fills her mouth with wadded cloth, seals it in with a roll of black med-wrap and adds yet another set of weighted clips to her rose-red nipples! When next we find our plucky Paige she is totally nude, trainer-gagged, crotchroped, barefoot and rolling on the floor. Jay quickly lassoes her protruding nipples and turns the whole thing into a semi-suspended hogtie, thus completing this beautiful brunette’s transformation from curious girlfriend to enslaved bondage toy!
After the story, we are treated to a new bondage pet; Camie has blonde hair, a slender body and a great attitude for bondage! She has bikini tan-lines so we can really see how Jay’s manhandling reddens her big firm tits (almost enough to match her red lingerie and heels). The quiver in her voice vividly portrays the intensity of sensations she’s experiencing. Her elbows stay welded together throughout her scenes, which culminate in a kneeling strappado that has her panting for relief! (And, as always, a preview package for JEV-166 is included!)