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CAST: Chelsea,Shannon Kelly

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Shannon is a petite redhead with the body of a fitness model and a real taste for submission! As we open, She's on her knees before Master Jay, pleading for him to tie her. "I've been so GOOD!", she implores. Jay agrees to play with her...but can she take his kind of entertainment? Jay does NOT go easy on his new submissive. He ties her very tightly (much of the time on-camera!) and completely controls her body. He lifts and rolls her around, keeping her off balance and at his mercy. She tries very hard to please, enduring his deliciously harsh treatment with little whimpers and moans...even when he suspends her from one frogtied leg! Shannon is a fabulous new addition to Jay?s stable of submissives! The second half of the program features blue-eyed Chelsea as Jay's captive. He drags her into his dungeon, chaining her to the wall and tying her. Her torment is extreme! Jay ties her again and again with her legs spread wide so that he can whip her tender thighs and crotch! Includes previews of JEV 128.