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CAST: Alexis Taylor

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

While delivering documents to her boss Mr. Edwards' office, snoopy office girl Alexis happens upon a small book of photos. Not just any photos, though. These are examples from Mr. Edwards' other business -- his bondage photo business! The curvaceous brunette is intrigued and excited by the photos...so much so that when Jay catches her looking at them, she tells him she might be interested in modeling for him. An experienced Master, he senses the eager submissive lurking beneath her shy exterior. He orders her to undress right there in his office. Despite her nervousness Alexis does as she's told and her instruction begins! Jay ties her elbows and wrists, covers her nude body with a trenchcoat and leads her out of the office. Now in her new master's home, Alexis continues her training -- enduring bondages that steadily increase in stringency and difficulty. She clearly enjoys her torment, presenting her hips for the whip and pleading for larger gags. Alexis has an incredibly expressive face and a real flair for dialogue. What a pleasure it is to watch her struggle to understand her desire for dominance! Includes previews of JEV-130.