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CAST: Alyson,Jennifer Brooks

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Jennifer's getting really dressed up when in comes a thug with a stocking over his head. He grabs her and ties her elbows together and gags her with a stocking! Jennifer gets a crotchrope and then Jay carries her to a couch to continue tying this lovely damsel. Her skirt hikes up as she attempts to talk through her gag, but Jay leaves her to struggle. Breast-bound and hogtied, Jennifer still tries to get free. The bondages continue, quite restrictive, building up to discipline with a spanking that leaves Jennifer's butt very red. Alyson's next! She's nude and encounters crotchropes, nipple clamps, a harness ballgag, leather single-glove and more. She wants to get free but can't.