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CAST: Alexis Taylor,Jenni Lee

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

As we open on a deserted warehouse with Jenni Lee tightly tied and tossed over Jay’s shoulder, we know right away that this is no playful bondage romp. Jay has a TOUGH afternoon planned for Jenni and she’d better be up to it! He pulls her breasts and smacks her ass bright red. She is clearly concerned...and she should be! As her session progresses, Jenni is stripped down to her white stockings and heels. Her first full suspension has her groaning as all of her body weight pulls down on her slender wrists! An extreme strappado is followed up with an asymmetrical semi-suspension...that is then turned into a stunning arabesque tie that has the sweet little blonde on the verge of tears! We get a nice close-up of Jay applying a Willie-esque harness ballgag and nipple clothespins to Jenni (who is frogtied and unable to move an inch) but you'll really gasp when he hoists her up off the ground into another full suspension, dangling her upside down from one of her thigh ropes! For her last tie, it almost seems like Jay has gone easy on his poor captive. That is, until he again hoists her up by a bar roped behind her arms, forcing her onto kneepoint on the hard concrete floor. Her cries are so sincere that you'll want to jump onto your screen and rescue her! Busty Alexis Taylor rounds out the program with three scenes on Jay’s ingenious spinning-post apparatus. Her lovely face and tanned curves are sexily accented by white ropes, huge gags, nipple clamps and even Jay’s nasty little “stinger whip.” Also includes a preview of JEV-146...looks like the Master is back to stay!