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CAST: Jewell Marceau,Rhiannon Bray,Sharon Engert

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Poor little Jewell whimpers and squeals as Jay carries her, already arm-bound and gagged, into his abandoned warehouse hideaway. He's captured her and now he intends to use her as his own personal bondage toy! The lush brunette struggles sweetly in some of Jay's toughest, tightest ties ever. She's locked in the slave box, then arched back into a fabulous hogtie. Stripped of her clothes and frogtied, she's then fully suspended by her chest and thigh ropes! An astounding strappado is made even more difficult when Jay hoists one of Jewell's ankles up behind her. Wow, Jay really knows how to break in a slave!
Next we're treated to another mini-story in which bound and gagged Rhiannon is carried into Jay's home and turned into a submissive bondage housepet. Her clothes are stripped away on camera. The rope wrist-suspension she endures is INTENSE!
Finally, buxom blonde Sharon rounds out the program with two sexy nude bondages. Jay's tight white ropes look so sexy against her tanned skin!
Includes previews of JEV129.