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CAST: Alexis Taylor

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Uptight secretary Alexis is completely flustered when she walks in on office executive Jay Edwards perusing pictures of bound women on his computer screen. Almost enjoying her prudish embarrassment, Jay moves right in to establish dominance which causes panicked Alexis to flee down the hall! Never one to miss an opportunity, Jay knows just what he must do. Later, as unsuspecting Alexis is strutting past his office, he grabs her from behind and shoves a white cloth over her face! She struggles heartily, but soon is overcome by fumes from the cloth and collapses into his arms. When next we find Alexis she's chained in Jay's living room! She's confused and frightened, but the worst is yet to come. Not only is her neck encircled by a slave collar, now Jay is tightening a narrow black corset around her torso to further control her! Poor modest Alexis -- she's about to have her inhibitions stripped away in a most distressing way. Jay forces his unwilling captive into several difficult bondages and stuffs gag after gag between her aching jaws. He crushes her nipples with strict clamps and puts the squeeze on her most tender flesh with ultra-tight crotchropes. And what happens to this beautiful yet priggish office girl under her new master's attentive care? She finally lets out the super-sexy, super-passionate submissive Jay knew was inside her all along! Includes previews of JEV-117.