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CAST: Judith Wilson


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

The folks at Arrow were a prolific lot. In the 1980s and 90s they produced hours upon hours of exciting bondage and B&D footage. A great deal of this wonderful footage was packaged and distributed by Harmony Concepts (then known as Harmony Communications). Every once in a while, however, Arrow would present a video that was just too hot...too spicy...too downright sexy to fall within the Harmony oeuvre. The Arrow producers and models, you see, were real life bondage fetishists and the stuff they filmed was the kind of stuff they practiced in their own lives.
For a long while, this extra-sexy video footage sat on a shelf collecting dust because there wasn't a way to release it to the public. Of course, all that changed when Steve Johnson founded Close-Up. With the creation of this new company, all that ultra-sexy Arrow material had a new home and a new audience! Our fans ate this Arrow stuff up and begged for more! All good things, of course, do have to end eventually, and by the release of ABC-20, we thought the ARROW BONDAGE CLASSICS series had reached its end. Imagine our surprise and joy upon finding this little tape all alone, wedged in the back of a filing cabinet drawer! This isn't a polished production, mind you. This is sexy, sultry, REAL bondage play caught on tape. Here's the breakdown...
Several years back, gorgeous brunette Judith Wilson and her man got interested in bondage, and soon, ropes and gags became a big part of their sex life. As so many fetishists do, they searched diligently for others who shared their passions. This was a difficult endeavor before the Internet, so finding a fellow kinkster was always cause to celebrate. Who Judith and her guy made contact with was one of the founders of Arrow, who invited them to come stay with him for a while to play bondage games and get to know each other.
They excitedly accepted his offer and the footage presented here is a actual chronicle of the sexy weekend these fellow fetishists spent getting to know each other! Judith went on to appear in several Arrow productions but here you get to see her very first attempts at modeling. Most of the tying is done on camera and there is plenty of struggling, gagging and handgagging, too!
Session One: Slave Training. Judith is reading when a man bursts in, ties her up and gags her. When his partner arrives they stuff her into a car and drive her away! She has been chosen for sex-slavery. They give her a drugged drink, strip off her clothes and re-tie her on the sofa. She is taught to kneel and dress in sexy corsets and boots. She is forced to pose for bondage pictures to entice her buyer. She is even roped to a bed for sleep! By the time she has been left ball-tied in a closet, the now-docile slavegirl is ready to be chained, gagged, blindfolded and shipped off to her new master!
Session Two: What Was That Noise? Judith creeps down to the basement, feeling courageous because she has a gun. Unfortunately, the man under the stairs has CHLOROFORM and soon Judith is knocked-out and stripped-down! She wakes up squeezed into a leather corset and tied to a bondage frame. She is handgagged, then ballgagged. Her high-heels are removed and she's forced to stand on tiptoe, then endure even higher-heeled boots!
Session Three: Degraded Dominatrix. A first-time dominatrix is feeling sexy, all decked out with her shiny catsuit and whip...but when her client arrives and finds out she's a newbie, he goes ballistic and decides to show her how a REAL dominant should behave! Stripping her catsuit away and fondling her tits, he dresses her in a little maid uniform, then ties her to a post to strip off her dress. The post tie exhausts her so he moves her to a chair and again ropes her tightly. A huge foam ball is shoved into her complaining mouth and she's left alone to ponder her fate!