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CAST: Alexis Taylor,Alicia Parks,Caroline Koh,Jessica Eden,Jewell Marceau,Jordan Scott,Jordann Scott,Kelly Ashton,Kissy Taylor,Oceana


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014


KA-7 "Kelly's Pajama Party"

Kelly Ashton invites over three of her former sorority sisters (Jessica Eden, Alicia Parks and Oceana) for a pajama party -- just like the ones they used to have in college. An irrepressible energy prevails as the old friends slip into their sexy nighties and indulge in some high-spirited hijinx. Kelly's visitors find their hostess' handcuff collection and playfully lock each other up, then Kelly gets roped and gagged to settle an old score --during a fun-filled pillow fight! But the mood turns when Kelly's guests discover she has a hidden motive for the party, just as a burglar breaks in and all four gorgeous blondes are bound and gagged. The story is followed by vignettes featuring Alicia, Caroline Koh and newcomer Krissy Taylor. It's a party you just can't miss!
Produced and Directed by Kelly Ashton.


A foreign princess (Alicia Parks) is being held by an international spy (Alexis Taylor), but the Danger Ladies are on the case. Unfortunately, Jewell Marceau and Jordann Scott both fall into Alexis' clutches, and it's up to La Femme Kelly to save them! Alexis is subdued, but she overpowers Krissy Taylor and Caroline Koh and escapes for revenge. The villainess catches Jordann and Jewell while they're practicing their escape artist techniques, and Kelly comes to their rescue again. But Alexis is ready for her this time! Then a final twist finds the villainess and heroines all in dire peril!