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CAST: Angella Faith,Jewell Marceau,Kat Le


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Independent producer Kenneth Stewart presents a silk scarf bondage story! (The pictures you see above are actual screen-captures of the fun footage in this awesome production.)
This time, Kenny has brought three lovely ladies together to be his undercover agents. Angella Faith, Jewell Marceau and Kat Le must infiltrate a billionaire's operation and get evidence against him.
Watch as they are bound, gagged and blindfolded with silk scarves by a mysterious stranger sent to prepare them for their mission.
First they are tied standing and then bent over a table. Their clothing is removed and Angella is tied standing with her arms above her head while Kat and Jewell are spread eagled together on a bed. Will they do well enough to undertake their mission? (All binding and gagging here is shown ON SCREEN.)
Following the story are three vignettes of lovely Jewell, taken directly from Mr. Stewart's private archives!