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CAST: Nancy Vee,Paul Carrigan


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

No stranger to Close-Up bondage, Steven Walker has acted as videographer for a great many of the tapes in our KISS, CUE, SIN and DCV lines. Finally persuaded to take the director's chair, he's decided to portray bondage and discipline role-playing fantasies the way many couples do. To help do this, he's brought in Master Paul Carrigan. Master Paul has a very firm, yet sensual way with the ladies he dominates. In this, the first story in the new line, Master Paul has been kept waiting by his favorite slave, Kitten (Nancy Vee). He immediately orders her into the corner to contemplate her error. His ire excites her though, and she wriggles a hand down the front of her short-shorts. When Master Paul discovers what she's up to it's time for an extra-attentive session. Chaining her to a chair he works her flesh with a riding crop and applies clothespins to her sensitive tits - all the while verbally tormenting her with his dirty sex-talk. Ballgagged and cuffed over a bondage horse, Kitten squeals as her Master smacks her bare ass with a flogger and his big hands. To make sure that she keeps her hands off her pussy, Master Paul cuffs her wrists to her collar and locks her ankles to a short bench, allowing him total access to bare feet. He Tickles and slaps her tender soles and puts big clamps on her nipples. Clad in a latex bodysuit and a leather blindfold, Kitten is chained under a steel frame with a long spreader bar between her ankles. Master Paul manhandles her breasts, using a mini flogger on her dusky nipples. He turns her around and uses a paddle on her butt and thighs. Nancy and Master Paul got along very well at this shoot. She loved his wild dirty-talk and their chemistry is very apparent in this video.